Monday, 14 July 2014

DIY finger paint

I must say, I am a bit in love with my thermomix. It has helped me to make such yummy meals and tasty treats so easily. And I don’t like cooking. So today I thought I’d try the finger paint recipe in the thermomix. Apart from it being easy, quick and cheap (only needed simple cooking supplies) the kids LOVED the texture. I gave both my girls an ice cube tray of paint and they were set for an hour. It didn’t stain their clothes, it washed off their hands with a shake in a bucket of water and has no nasty chemicals in it! Two thumbs up from me.

So next time you come and visit us at our place we can make some finger paint and have a play with it. We may even let the kids have a go J

Thermomix finger paint recipe

40g caster sugar
1 tbsp sea salt
70g cornflour
470g water

Add all ingredients 5mins/80 Degrees/speed 4
Allow to cool before adding food colouring

Have fun with it!


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