Saturday, 6 September 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman?

So how do you spend a day celebrating being two and five? With recycled sheets and card, magic sand, tapioca pearls and sheet ice castles in a Frozen festival! Did I mention there were 24 kids, most of which were 5 and under? Yikes!

So to entertain them all, we had a series of tent stations (upturned fitted sheets on tent poles) for the kids to interact in throughout the morning. I have never been a big fan of the corny planned party games. So I made up a big batch of tapioca pearls and magic sand (see my past blog post) as well as a large water blob the kids could wobble on, an ice slide and an Elsa castle. The birthday cake was an ice cream cake (for the kids to eat) and a cheese cake (for us ‘bigger’ kids)- both eaten up quickly!

A huge thanks need to be given to my great friends who helped out on the day. The party kicked off with sleepovers from the Smithies the night before. With a lot of help from this tribe of 6, the party was ready to roll at 9:30. My great friend Suzy was the fruit chopping queen and wonderfully skilled at hunting and gathering some other good tucker- thanks mate! Throughout the day Tash, Suzy and my mum helped keep 24 little mouths fed and made my kitchen look cleaner than it has in years. And my great friend Frankie did some fantastic Elsa face painting and other great designs on the day. She is available for parties- send me a line if you are interested J

I will post some DIY’s to help out anyone planning a Frozen party. Most of my material was borrowed or recycled, so the cost was quite low. And to quote my eldest 5 year old:

"Best. Day. Ever!"

Here some pics from the fun day!

poppy xxx


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