Monday, 14 July 2014

DIY Olaf! So easy and so fun!

My kids are hooked on Frozen right now. My eldest daughter refuses to be called anything but Elsa and my youngest walks around the house pretending to sneeze and then laughing her head off- just like Olaf. 

I must say I am a bit frugal when it comes to buying things for my girls. I'd much rather make it that buy into the plastic coated disney franchise. So this is a quick little craft you can do with your littlies that they will enjoy to make and play with. Here's what you need:


Cotton balls
craft glue/glue gun/some type of quick drying glue
black pen
orange felt/fabric
small sticks


1. Make the body by unrolling two cotton balls and wrapping them around one cotton ball. Glue together.
2. Glue on head
3. Pull apart a cotton ball to make two feet. Glue to bottom
4. Draw eyes and black stones. Glue on.
5. Cut out triangle from felt and glue for nose.
6. Add glue to one end of a stick and push through cotton ball. Hold.

Finished! Now walk around your house and pretend to sneeze, then laugh uncontrollably. Check out the clip below as to why my almost two year old thinks Olaf is hilarious.

poppy xx

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