Saturday, 13 September 2014

DIY Party sheet tents

As promised to you all, my DIY party tent- made from recycled fitted sheets. I must say these worked out a lot better than I thought. I mean who would have thought some old sheets could pull off the frilly edged sparkly snow flaked Elsa kingdom look I was going for?

For the girls’ party, I planned a range of Frozen themed interactive sensory play areas. Each tents housed one sensory play including Elsa magic sand (link), Olaf water beads (link), Olaf water blob (link) and Kristoff water slide. They were incredibly successful from a broad range of aged kids (and us big kids too!). The tents worked great to differentiate between the different activities as well as keep the kids out of the sun. So here’s the instructions to follow for your next party. Oh and did I forget to say it didn’t cost a thing? How great is that!

1.  Sew the long edge of the fitted sheet to the long edge of the flat sheet
2.  Take sheets outside and erect with tent poles, pegs and rope

OPTIONAL: Decorate with frilly crape paper and snowflakes cut from contact paper.

 This is some photo’s post party. These sheets stayed up for a week.

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