Friday, 27 June 2014

Mount Sickness = no craft arvo :(

There is a mountain forming in the kitchen at our place. Beginning on the first foundation layer is snotty tissues. Following this there is a mixed sediment layer of vitamins, lozenges and syringes. And holding all these layers in place is the much needed top composted mulch that is antibiotics.

So I think we shall give this crafty arvo a miss. I will not be sharing this mountain with you!

Despite my aching body, I decided that having time in the winter sun was a must and I re-planted one of my late Nana’s pot plants in my garden today. I am enjoying having a few plants around my place that were part of her garden. She was quite the green thumb, so I pride in having the plants that she enjoyed here with me to enjoy also. Enjoy your weekend and school holidayspoppyxx

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