Thursday, 15 May 2014

"Lets play, yay!"

I believe one can never have too many garlands. They are pretty, colourful and so easy to make. Even when you have a lot of little fingers around you "helping". So think about all the fun words you say in your house and make a garland out of it. The instructions below will help you out.

Coloured pieces of felt
thin piece of material
printed letters
sewing machine or a patient hand sower

1. Print out the letters in a bold font
2. Place the print out in front of a piece of felt and cut out
3. Repeat for each letter in different felt colours
4. Sew the top of each letter to the thin piece of material
5. Hang and enjoy!

If you have a go of this, send me the pics and I can post them on my blog. 

Get craftin'


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