Thursday, 15 May 2014

Beaded necklace in pastel and neon

This is one of the pretty pieces of jewellery that came from our crafty arvo. I'm loven' the pastels with neon and made a variety of shaped beads to make this candy delight of a necklace. It is quite a simple DIY craft that can be made while snuggling with a blanket while watching your favourite movie. So no excuses. Get comfy and get craftin'.

polymer clay in colours that take your fancy
Oven tray with aluminium foil
Thin elastic

1. Take a small portion of clay, and make a bead shape. I varied the size and shape each time
2. Piece with skewer to make a hole
3. Place all the clay beads in the over at the temperature/time outlined on the packet
4. Thread with elastic and wear with pride.
5. You are cool. Keep up the craftin'

poppy xx

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