Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lets Craft It!

I’m not sure if you guys get this feeling. It’s like a bug. No not a bug. More like a virus where your body feels overwhelmed and nothing feels comfortable. That’s it ladies and gents. I've got the creative virus. And I’m not afraid to share it.

My creative virus will be here to share in a crafty arvo at my place on the last Sunday afternoon of March from 3pm and you mustn't go home until you feel invigorated and way cool. So bring along whatever you are knitting, molding, looming or rendering and we share our ideas, a beverage and some yum yum treats. Let’s do it. Send me an email, text or poke me when you next see me to let me know you’re coming. I promise I will poke you back!

Ps if you don’t have any projects on the go, I can get your fingers busy with making your own cute diamond scroll (see pretty pic above). 

1 comment:

  1. Ripper Rita. Crochet me in and can I invite a friend ? X