Sunday, 19 January 2014

Say g'day to Polymer clay

Okay, my fellow crafty friends. Do you feel like mushing some soft gooey gunk between your fingers? No, I’m not talking about digging for nuggets so get those fingers out of the bat cave and go and wash them. Good. Let’s try this again.

Today we will be celebrating old friendship by making a hip and way-cool polymer clay necklace. This necklace was conceived as a present to my dear friends who were leaving on their adventures abroad. The Spanish proverb stamped on the polymer clay "Amigo y vino, el mas antiguo" translates to old friends and old wine and old wine are best. So if you have a friend who fills those boots, why not follow the DIY below to do it yourself. Or if you are a bit time poor but still want to spoil those amigos, follow the link to my shop. xx

The SewCutPaint store

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